142 Expert Network Companies with Direct Signup Links

Looking to land more high-paying expert network calls, projects and surveys? Creating profiles with multiple expert network companies is one of the best ways to increase your exposure and land more project invitations. Click on the company name to open their expert registration page in a new tab.

Choosing which expert network companies to work with

While expert networks are infamous for recruiting consultants on LinkedIn, most searches start with their internal databases. Creating quality profiles with a good handful of expert networks doesn’t take long and can significantly increase your project volume. A few tips to help you get started:

  • Be sure to signup with the largest firms in the industry, include GLG, Guidepoint and AlphaSights. These firms arrange thousands of calls and surveys each week!
  • Don’t disregard expert networks from outside your region. Though the volume is lower, I’ve done calls with clients and firms in Japan, Hong Kong, South Korea, and Italy in the past year despite having no experience doing business in those countries. Clients may be interested in getting your perspective as part of a cross-border investment decision or to understand market dynamics in your home country.
  • Once you start working with multiple expert networks, you’ll occasionally start receiving invites to the same project from more than one company. It’s often beneficial to respond to each invitation to increase your chances of being staffed on the project. You won’t know which firm is going to submit their list of candidates first or if you’ll be included on that list. Having your profile presented to the client two (or more) times can make it more likely that you’re selected. Exclusivity is rare in the expert network industry, so take advantage of the chance to get multiple bites at the apple with some quick copying and pasting.
  • Your expert network profile should be structured differently than your resume or LinkedIn profile. Harried associates aren’t interested in your skillset; they want to know if you can provide the information that their client is looking for. So be specific in your job titles and primary work functions. Name names (lots of them) of former employers, key vendors, competitors, and products where you have deep knowledge and/or are the purchase decision-maker. Go heavy on keywords to make your profile show up often in searches, though ensure that it is fast and easy to read.

If you would like your expert network added to this directory or to have a featured listing, please contact us.

Mitchel Harad