About Us

Hi, I’m Mitchel Harad, the publisher of Expert Opportunities.

Over a decade ago, I responded to a LinkedIn message asking me to provide my thoughts on a vendor I was using at work during a paid one-hour phone call. The call was interesting and the money was nice, so I soon found myself regularly participating in short and easy consulting calls through a half dozen expert networks on a variety of topics.

It’s interesting work that’s also probably one of the easiest, most convenient, and most lucrative side hustles you’ll ever find, so I started exploring how I could proactively land more frequent and higher paying assignments. Many of my strategies worked quite well, and I’ve now completed well over 200 expert network consulting calls, dozens of paid surveys and a few small projects. I’ve helped quite a few friends and colleagues get started as well, and along the way have learned quite a bit about the large, lucrative and very opaque expert network industry – which I’ve also shared with publications like Forbes and Spears. (I’m also a moderator of the Expert Networks subreddit – a great place to ask additional questions!)

So I started this site to share what I’ve learned as a little bit of an expert on expert networks, to help others get started or more involved. To help peel the onion, I’ve reached out to some of the associates I’ve worked with at top firms and other in-demand experts to provide a peek behind the curtain and actionable advice.

I hope you find this site useful, and would love to hear your feedback and suggestions!

If you’d like to discuss advertising opportunities, guest post submissions, or press inquiries, you can reach me via email at info@expertopportunities.com